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Fat Cat’s Jazz 139 January 1972 Jelly Roll Revisited w/ Bob Greene
Original Jelly Roll Blues; Smokehouse Blues; Shreveport Stomp; Dead Man Blues; Steamboat Stomp; The Pearls; Black Bottom Stomp; Cannon Ball Blues; Grandpa’s Spell; Sidewalk Blues; Big Lip Blues; Kansas City Stomps; I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say; Georgia Swing; Mr. Jelly Lord; Beale Street Blues;

Hørekiks 13- Storyville SLP 834 1962- 1974
Dixie Jazzband One Step; Give Me Your Telephonenumber; Black and Tan Fantasy; Thats My Home; Chicago Buzz; Mr. Jelly Lord; East Coast Trot; Where did You Stay Last Night; Riverside Blues; Mountain City Blues; New Orleans Wiggle; London Cafe Blues; Gallion Stomp; Entertainer Rag;

Vognport LP 101 w/ Eva Taylor Williams. August 1974
I Found a New Baby; Papa De-Da- Da; Mandy Make Up Your Mind; I’m A Little Blackbird; Cakewalkin’ Babies from Home; High Society; Papa De- Da- Da; Black Snake Blues; Buddy’s Habit;

PERU-MC-1 1975 Peruna Jazzmen plays The Music of KING OLIVER
Southern Stomp; Froggie Moore Rag; Workin’ Man Blues; Tears; New Orleans Stomp; Buddy’s Habit; Room Rent Blues; Jazzin’ Babies Blues; Canal Street Blues; Snake Rag; Ain’t Gonna Tell Nobody; Mabels Dream; Sobbin Blues; Just Gone; Camp Meetin’ Blues; Chattanooga Stomp; Sweet Baby Doll; Weatherbird Rag; London Cafe Blues; Riverside Blues; Where did You Stay Last Night;

Storyville SLP 407 1977 Peruna Jazzmen Nr. 2
Ham And Eggs; Raggin’ The Scale; Keyhole Blues; Senegalese Stomp; Someday Sweetheart; Once In A While; Trombone Moanin’ Blues; Boogaboo; Cushion Foot Stomp; Wild Man Blues; Deep Henderson; Of All The Wrongs You’ve Done To Me; Wild Cat Blues; Stomp Off Let’s Go;

Storyville SLP 438 1984 Doctor Jazz
Gatemouth; Oriental Strut; Everybody Loves My Baby; Too Bad; Willie The Weeper; Black Bottom Stomp; Flat Foot; Doctor Jazz Stomp; Savoy Blues; Cakewalkin’ Babies; Original Jelly Roll Blues; Grandpa’s Spell;

Kong Pære KPLP 3 With Natalie Lamb 1979
San Francisco Bay; Yonder Come The Blues; Oh My Babe; Trombone Cholly; Just A little While To Stay Here; Hold That Engine; Cakewalkin’ Babies; If You Don’t; Sister Kate; Of All The Wrongs; Lizzie’s Blues; I’m A Woman.

Stomp Off Records SOS 1003 1980 Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.
My Heart; Log Cabin Blues; Alligator Hop; Irish Black Bottom; Mountain City Blues; The Chant; Jazzin’ Babies’ Blues; Dippermouth Blues; Snag It; Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp,; Georgia Grind; Eccentric Rag; Droppin’ Shucks.

Stomp Off Records SOS 1020 1980 Mean Blues.
Sunset Cafe Stomp; Krooked Blues; Weary Blues; Red River Blues; Mandy Make Up Your Mind; Terrible Blues; Mandy Lee Blues; Black Snake Blues; London Cafe Blues; Big Fat Ma And Skinny Pa; Mean Blues; Froogie More Rag;

Stomp Off Records SOS 1105 1984 Smokehouse Blues.
Joe Turner Blues; Perdido Street Blues; Everybody Loves My Baby; I Can’t Say; Oriental Man; Riverside Blues; Cakewalkin’ Babies’ From Home; Oriental Strut; Drop That Sack; Smokehouse Blues; Kansas City Stomp; Doctor Jazz Stomp; Boogaboo; Struttin’ With Some Barbeque; Milneburg Joys.

Stomp Off Records SOS 1204 1989 In San Francisco.
Ain’t Gonna Tell Nobody; Shoeshiner’s Drag; Snake Rag; Close Fit Blues; Sweet Baby Doll; Tears; Camp Meetin’ Blues; Chattanooga Stomp; Southern Stomps; Come Back Sweet Papa; Where Did You Stay Last Night?, Sweet Emmalina; Bozo; Buddy’s Habit; You’ll Long For Me; Room Rent Blues;

Stomp Off CD 1003
Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp. LP 1003, and Mean Blues LP 1020

Music Mecca CD 1061-2 THEN
Thats My Home; Squeeze Me; Kansas City Stomp; Ory’s Creole Trombone; Muskrat Ramble; Savoy Blues; Cushion Foot Stomp; Georgia Swing; Shreveport Stomp; Original Jelly Roll Blues; Mournful Serenade; Jazz Lips; Oriental StrutI’m Gonna Gitcha; Got No Blues; Mandy Make Up Your Mind; London Cafe Blues; Sister Kate; Hold That Engine;Sunset Cafe Stomp.

Music Mecca CD 1062-2 NOW 1995
Take Your Black Bottom Dance Out Of Here; Spanish Shawl; Squeeze Me; Too Buzy; The Pearls; Find Me At The Greasy Spoon; Buffalo Blues; Cannonball Blues; Sidewalk Blues; Kiss Me Sweet; Bouncin’ Around; Red Man Blues; Oh Daddy; Chicago Breakdown; Beale Street Blues; Trombone Cholly; House Rent Blues; He Likes It Slow; Long Deep And Wide; That’s When I’ll Come Back To You;

Music Mecca CD 2021-2 HERE Live ,1976 The Three Musketeers, Copenhagen.
Eccentric Rag; Droppin’ Shucks; Keyhole Blues; Froggie More Rag; Mean Blues; Milneburg Joys; Mountain City Blues; Ory’s Creole Trombone; Room Rent Blues; Muskrat Ramble; Boogaboo; Cushion Foot Stomp; London Cafe Blues; Senegalese Stomp; Mandy Make Up Your Mind; Steamboat Stomp; Tight Like That; Tiger Rag; Snake Rag;

Music Mecca CD 2022-2 THERE Live,1989 Debarak, Zutphen (NL.) Upton upon Severn (UK) 1990
Weary Blues; Camp Meetin’ Blues; Canal Street Blues; Workin’ Man Blues; Just Gone; Perdido Street Blues;Deep Henderson; Melancholy Blues; Kansas City Stomp; Once In A While; Mabels Dream¸Red River Blues;Too Bad; Jazzin’ Babies’ Blues; Alligator Hop; Savoy Blues; Chattanooga Stomp; West End Blues; Tears; Krooked Blues.

GHB BCD- 436 Peruna Jazzmen Plays The Music Of King Oliver .Copenhagen 17-18 Aug.1975
Weatherbird Rag; Ain´t Gonna Tell Nobody; Southern Stomps; Mabels Dream;Just Gone; Workin´Man Blues; Froggiemore Rag; Sobbin`Blues; London Café Blues; Tears; Jazzin´Babies Blues; Canal Street Blues; New Orleans Stomp; Camp Meetin´Blues; Buddy´s Habit; Riverside Blues; Room Rent Blues; Sweet Baby Doll; Chattanooga Stomp; Where Did You Stay Last Night; Snake Rag.

Music Mecca CD 3052-2 Peruna Jazzmen, A Tribute To Louis Armstrong Maribo 1967-68
Mahogany Hall Stomp; Save It Pretty Mama; You Made Me Love You; I´m Not Rough; Some Of These Days; West End Blues; Gully Low Blues; Bye And Bye; Exactly Like You; High Society; Skid- Dat-De-Dat; Shine; Alligator Crawl; Tiger Rag; Texas Moaner Blues; Potatoe Head Blues; Stomp Off Let´s Go; When It´s Sleepytime Down South.

Music Mecca CD 4038-2 Peruna Jazzmen, "Live" Femø, 2002
Gatemouth; Jazzin´Babies Blues; Potatoe Head Blues; Kiss Me Sweet; Spanish Shawl; Alligator Crawl; Black Bottom Stomp; Greasy Spoon; Room Rent Blues; Dippermouth Blues; Just Gone; Long Deep And Wide; Washboard Wiggle; When You Leave Me Alone To Pine; Buddy´s Habit; Candy Lips; Weary Blues; Panama.

Music Mecca CD 4084-2 Peruna Jazzmen, m/Jan Hem Andersen April 1973
Cushion Foot Stomp , Georgia Swing , Original Jelly Roll Blues ,Snake Rag , Canal Street Blues, Cornet Shop Suey, Bouncin´Around , Buddy´s Habit , Dippermouth Blues , Goober Dance , u/Jan I´m Gonna Gitcha , Mabels Dream , Just Gone , Workin´Man Blues , Mandy Lee Blues Oriental Strut , u/Peter, Riverside Blues , Room Rent Blues , Texas Moaner Blues u/ Peter , Yes I´m In the Barrel, Where did You Stay Last Night , You´re Next, The Last Time,Georgia Bobo, After You´ve Gone

Little Beat Records LBR CD 10001 , Bob Greene & Peruna Jazzmen 1970 - 1972
Mr. Jelly Lord; Georgia Swing; Dead Man Blues; Big Lip Blues; Cannon Ball Blues; Steamboat Stomp; Shreveport Stomp; Mournful Serenade; I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say; Beale Street Blues; Grandpa’s Spell; Black Bottom Stomp; The Pearls; Dead Man Blues; Sidewalk Blues; Sidewalk Blues; Mr. Jelly Lord; Kansas City Stomps; Georgia Swing; Smoke-House Blues; Big Lip Blues; Original Jelly Roll Blues; Original Jelly Roll Blues

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