Peruna Jazzmen is now history

Due to disease in the band, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic, Peruna Jazzmen will not be performing anymore. It has been a pleasure playing for our fans throughout the years.

Peruna Jazzmen was a danish jazz band founded in 1959, that played classic 1920's jazz music as by Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Joe King Oliver, Clarence Williams and others among the founders of Jazz. Peruna Jazzmen has played at several jazz festivals in Europe, USA and the middle east. The band was voted no. 1 in traditional jazz contests in Dunkerque and San Sebastian. Peruna Jazzmen was also voted one of the World´s 3 best bands within the style at a jazzology election in the USA. Read more →

You can still buy our CD's

If you are interested in CD's with Peruna Jazzmen, you are welcome to contact Henning Lorenzen, Phone: +45 24840025 The cost is 100 DKK + shipping.