Peruna Jazzmen – we play genuine, classic 1920's jazz music

A great, original jazz experience

Peruna Jazzmen is a danish jazz band founded in 1959. We play genuine, classic 1920's jazz music as by Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Joe King Oliver, Clarence Williams and others among the founders of Jazz.

We believe the music deserve to get out to people instead of always being fetched down from a dusty shelf by the rare collector. Peruna Jazzmen have played at several jazz festivals in Europe, USA and the middle east.

The band was voted no. 1 in traditional jazz contests in Dunkerque and San Sebastian. Peruna Jazzmen was also voted one of the World´s 3 best bands within the style at a jazzology election in the USA.

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Let Peruna Jazzmen give you a great, original jazz experience! Contact us for a non-committal offer on your next arrangement.